It’s undeniable that we humans have left a bit of a dirty footprint on poor old Mother Earth.     Once we discovered ENJO, and how effective it is for maintaining our clients homes, the very first point of action that we decided to take as a business, 10yrs ago now, was to move towards an eco-clean approach (it’s not as hard as you think). 

If you’ve worked with us before, you know we attempt to clean as green as humanly possible without sacrificing any of the superior cleaning results that we pride ourselves on and you expect.

One of my favourite parts that I’ve come to look forward to in my time running Julie’s Home Services is receiving a call, email or surprise review from a new client who has witnessed eco-cleaning in full force and been rid of the illusion that you need to use heavy chemicals to have an immaculately clean home.

I’ve been using ENJO for 10 years in the business now and after hundreds of first-hand experiences of it’s prowess, I know I’ll never return to using unnecessary cleaning supplies, that in the long term are causing more harm than good. 

Combined with PH neutral cleaning products (I’ll explain these further down;) it really is possible to enjoy a house you love coming home too without the hidden risks of outdated cleaning methods. In fact, I only use the heavy-duty chemicals if it’s absolutely required. 


What’s So Good About An ENJO Clean

If you’re still not convinced that the age of chemical powered cleaning should be behind us let me give you my three favourite benefits to ENJO cleaning.

  1. ENJO cleaning Offers A Healthier Home For A Healthier Family

One of the biggest benefits of ENJO cleaning, is that it WORKS, see above, only ENJO used here, it’s quick, effective and eliminates the negative health effects of using toxic chemicals. Not only is it more beneficial for the person doing the cleaning but it also means that your family won’t be exposed to toxins in and around your home including surfaces you are constantly exposed to.

You’d be surprised how effective a consistent method of cleaning as you go with simply water and a clean cloth can be. For those times, in our business, just for Spring Cleaning & Vacate Cleaning, whereby our homes do need a little bit more attention, we turn to ph-neutral products. 

A ph neutral cleaning product has a pH level of 7. Anything below is alkaline and anything above is acidic. Alkaline cleaners are effective at breaking down baked-on protein, fatty soils and carbonised Soils found in dirty ovens and other very built-up high use areas. Acidic cleaners, on the other hand, are more likely to be used for getting rid of rust or water scale.

The issue with cleaners that are either very high or low in PH levels they have the potential to be quite dangerous to humans whether ingested inhaled or contacted with skin. There is plenty of literature out there if you want to dive deeper into the effects of these heavy-duty cleaners but it goes without saying that by eliminating their use you eliminate the risk to you and the health of your loved ones.

The benefits of pH-neutral cleaning products on the other hand, bring high-quality finishes without the risk of adverse health effects are more likely to be safer for users and environments and aren’t harmful to surfaces. When it comes to the homes and well-being of our clients there is only one real option.

As for mould;  we do use a product that kills the spores on the surface, unlike your all your bleaches and supermarket mould killing products, whereby the mould appears again within days, as you’ve only bleached. We need only use when necessary OR not at all, I have clients that don’t want us to use, therefore we don’t.  You’ll find with regular maintenance, the mould is kept at bay and mould killing products aren’t necessary. 

  1. Safer For The Environment

I touched on it above but as we enter the next decade it is clear the importance of making environmentally conscious decisions is more vital than ever. Choosing ENJO and eco-friendly  alternatives doesn’t have to be complicated but the rewards, as more and more people opt for less harmful cleaning options, the impact that we create will be widespread.

Many of the cleaning products we’ve been using for years have a number of harmful effects  , including the potential to contaminate air through evaporation, harming humans and animals when unintentionally mixing with our water supply and other health risks through exposure to surface toxins.

By turning to the regular use of less harmful products we’re ensuring we reduce the impact on the environment whilst simultaneously keeping your home fresh safe and cleaner than ever.

  1. A Cost-Effective Alternative

Our third and final reason to turn to ENJO cleaning, is the cost-effectiveness, you only need to replace your cleaning supplies every 3 years, combined with water, every home has this, you also can save money on your alternatives of baking soda, lemon, vinegar and of course Eco-friendly spray n wipes that you buy from the supermarket.  A lot of these eco versions, when looked at closely, aren’t green at all, but that’s for another post.   


For us now it’s a no brainer.  Choosing ENJO and eco-cleaning alternatives means that we give our clients the same quality if not better than what they would find anywhere else.  Hopefully at the very least if you aren’t quite at the stage of hiring a professional health-conscious cleaning service or you’re located in a different area to where we currently operate you get a bit of motivation and inspiration from this post on a better way to clean.