Amidst all the chaos; staying at home, working from home, schooling from home, and the fear of something that has an impact as widespread as the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the negativity and fear. 

By no means am I saying to disregard the severity of the situation or recklessly disregard measures that ensure your own safety or that of others, but what I think can give us all some solace in these uncertain times is to take a step back and acknowledge the good that has and can come out of it and the lessons that we can hopefully learn from what can only be described as a global shakeup. 

How lucky are we to be living here in Australia?  We are very fortunate in that we appear to be heading out the other side and as things begin to return to “normal” I think now is a great time to highlight some great lessons we can take from the past few months with us as we move forward.

The Power of Nature

I remember back during the Sars outbreak and during Swine Flu we saw similar international shutdowns albeit on a smaller scale. Even then we started to see nature go through a short lived recovery with the Himalayas reappearing as the smog cleared and wildlife creeping back as the humans remained absence. In the hustle and bustle of humans rapid-fire technological and industrial rises we seem to have created this separation between us and the rest of the planet, to the point that even the term nature seems to refer to something apart from us. I think one thing we can learn and should truly never forget is to operate in harmony with the world around us and to stop taking more than we need.

One of my favourite things about my business is I’ve been able to through the use of ENJO and natural cleaning products harness the benefits of natural unharmful products and it is my hope that this crisis makes practices like that the norm.  

As always, you don’t have to have ENJO to be able to ‘clean green’, and I also believe that you don’t need to make your own OR use natural, organic products to clean with on daily and weekly cleaning rituals either.  

Water, cleaning cloths/scourers/chux/sponges/ENJO, all work well in cleaning and drying down our surfaces with maintenance on a daily basis, making your weekly deeper clean, by which I mean, you clean under and move all your surface appliances/ornaments/knick knacks/bathroom paraphernalia NOT by adding chemical and/or natural cleaners.


In the name of public safety, many of us found ourselves restricted to the comfort of our homes with our usually full calendars opening up numerous vacancies. Veggie patches, gardens and chicken coups became popular projects to fill the time but also raise the question should we be looking to become more self-sufficient as we move forward? Well indicators would suggest that this is true; seedlings were sold out as well as live chickens. 

International trade is certain to be restricted for some time and it certainly opens up an opportunity to return to times when we sourced our food and supplies closer to home or even from our own backyards.

If there was to be one permanent change experienced during the corona crisis I would love for it to be a strengthened and more harmonious relationship with nature and hey if you get some free cucumbers, tomatoes or eggs out of it, so Why Not? 

Stop Buying Garbage

Subtle as a train smash is me and if you know me very well at all, you will know that I am pretty anti-harmful products that don’t clean any better than natural alternatives and can have a negative impact on you and the environment. 

It’s a personal subject for me and not just with cleaning products, I use chemically free personal products, I eat very little in way of processed foods, I recycle all that can be recycled, I go to a local hairdresser that uses natural and amonia free hair products, I share the love around the Supermarkets and buy Australian vegetables where I can, another words I try my best to leave as small as possible a negative footprint, without going to extremes, we do still have to live, but I do walk the talk wherever possible. 

I believe right now we have the opportunity to reevaluate what products and foods that we wish to consume and use and return to the natural alternatives where possible.  If this whole debacle can be used as a kick in the right direction then it is our responsibility to ensure we maintain it, so my advice to you is keep it as close to nature as you can and I’ll return the favour by doing the same when I give your house it’s next spruce up.


Lucky last and one that ties everything I’ve already put on the table together nicely is we are despite being kept a couple of metres a part being given an opportunity to strengthen our sense of community. To buy local products and services, to support our community members, to build stronger relationships with the people in our backyards. Despite the infinite benefits of technological advancements it has lead us to fulfil our needs by looking further away when I think a return to the strong adage of buying local is the key to stronger communities and a stronger country. 

The next time you’re purchasing products OR services all we have to do is think a bit more…look at the labels, where is this made, is this totally necessary, do I really need OR want, can this be locally sourced?  

Start small, start with yourselves, start at home and stay safe, healthy and happy