These are my #7 go to products!  Whenever I need to clean, these are always what I think of first, in my business and at home.

ENJO Mini’s

For your Kitchen and Bathroom these are magic.  They’re small not cumbersomb, easy to manipulate around your taps and vanity objects.  Nice and light for your shower glass and tiles.  Clean so efficiently that it would be rare for me to use anything else.  

ENJO Miracles 

These used to be called Miracles, and that’s exactly what they are!  These are the best there is out there I believe.  I’ve used many many different microfibre cloths.  These by far out smart any of the others.  I use the Kitchen, Window and Dust fibres.  I use the Window one for bathroom drying, only because it’s bigger than the Bathroom one and I like that.  Drying off your mirror, vanity, shower screens, tiles and lastly your bath it’s the perfect size.  I often use a Window Blade if I’ve used a tonne of water in dirty bathrooms, then I still only need the one Cloth.

RE7 Cream Cleaner

RE7 Creme Cleanser is amazing.  It’s so fine, but makes light work of that greasy bath ring, mildly cloudy Shower Screens, greasy gunk in the Kitchen sink!  Coupled with ENJO minis, this is my daily ‘dream duo’.  Because it’s fine, rinsing out is great, doesn’t scratch, doesn’t leave a gritty dusty residue.  What more could you wish for…. 

Lemon Myrtle 

I purchase this from The Source Bulk Food Store in Cairns.  Take my empty container, and presto I have enough for like forever.  I purchase it in 5litres and water 1 – 20, this makes loads.  I use this mainly as a Toilet Cleaner.  It’s an All Purpose cleaner though, totally 100% Organic, and being Lemon based is great for greasy cleaning.  You just need to increase the break down ratios if you want a stronger cleaner.  I’m all for ‘neat’ on stubborn dirt or grime.  

Method Grapefruit Spray and Wipe

For those of us that have been ENJO lovers for 10+years, ENJO sold Method Grapefruit foaming Dish Wash.  I loved it.  Method, now sell similar products to Big W, Grapefuit Dishwash Pump and they do a Grapefruit Spray and Wipe which I use at home, love love love it.  I use on my rangehood or stove top, just shifts that grease tootsuite!  Sticky messy spills you name it it’s great.  Being natural there’s no fillers or rubbish in there and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue just a lovely fresh Pink Grapefruit smell. 


This mop won Women’s Weekly Product of Year 2012!  I’ve been using this since late 2009!  So wished I’d used it earlier.  With the range of different fibres for different floor surfaces, it just makes mopping on the whole a breeze…..don’t forget for those of us that live in the Tropics, sometimes there’s just not combating climatic conditions.

The whole string mop and bucket rigmarole, like why would you go there honestly.  If you’re going to keep with your string mops, at least purchase a commercial one and matching bucket.  The strings are twice the size of your supermarket variety.  Like with all mops you need to wash.  You can unscrew and put in the washing machine just like we do with ENJO!  Remember you can’t clean your floors with dirty string mops!!!

GD5 Nilfisk Backpack Vacuum

These are one of the best vacuums out.  They’re light to wear, have a double filter.  I believe they’re superior to most of your domestic vacuums on the market and trust me I’ve used many over the years.  I know people who rave about certain varieties, I’ve given them all a go and here we are back to the backpack.  One thing I would suggest is to look to replace your vacuum cord with an extra long cord, 15m – 25m, dependent on the size of your house.  This eliminates the constant plugging and unplugging, adding of extension cords that can also get caught on furniture, around corners etc.  

Well there you have it!  My best go to’s!  If’d you like more tips, my Facebook page is the place to go!  Otherwise watch this space for more!  

Remember though Life’s to Short to be Cleaning, it’s now time for that Coffee or cheeky glass of wine