An Ode to Our Healthcare Workers as We Move Ahead

To say that the last few months have been crazy, stressful and unprecedented is putting it pretty lightly. As a country despite the negative impacts many of us have faced we have been very, very fortunate and my heart certainly goes out to those who have seen the worst of this horrible pandemic.


Coincidentally April was stress awareness month. I think you may agree with me in saying that you, if you weren’t aware of stress you certainly are now. We have to have a laugh though otherwise we are just a couple of people locked in our homes slowly going nuts and that isn’t what we want.

Despite all the bad, there has certainly been some good that has come out of this whole ordeal, the joy now too of finding loo paper on our Supermarket Shelves, a new appreciation for the importance of cleanliness is another, who would’ve thought handwashing was something that was not a ‘normal’ everyday practice, and a forced step back from the busyness of our lives, learning to ‘roll’ with life and to hopefully do a stocktake of what is really essential another.   

Something that has brought me some joy in the midst of this chaos is being able to give the people of Cairns comfort in an impeccably clean home and a little stress relief as well knowing that they didn’t have to spend all of that time at home cleaning. If you are ready for it to be your turn please get in touch.

Thank You Florence and all Our Health Care Workers Here and Abroad!!

I really want to emphasise my gratitude during the duration of this global crisis to all the health care workers who have put themselves at risk for the greater good and of course anybody at all across any industry. As a global community, we rely on the selfless acts of sacrifice that you make daily.

I thought it might be interesting to give you a little recap on the origins of nursing as we know it, with a short mention of Florence Nightingale and her contributions to modern nursing. Florence Nightingale is credited as the founder of modern nursing after she served as a manager and trainer to nurses during the Crimean war.

She founded the first secular nursing school in the world, was an advocate for women’s rights, campaigned for reform amongst Britain’s Healthcare for all members of society and fought for better hunger relief in India.

Before Florence nurses had little to no formal training, learnt on the job and many nurses thought of their roles as unimportant. Through her efforts Nurses were given formalised training and respect and appreciation was brought to nurses as the raised standards brought about by education turned nursing into a respectable profession. 

The fact that such a crucial role in maintaining our wellbeing hasn’t always been given due respect is a disappointment, however thanks to Florence that is no longer the case. So a really big thanks once again to Florence and all nurses, health care workers and those who have helped us move through this crisis.  We will be celebrating Nurses Day, 12th May, dedicated on this day of her birth.  

What’s On For May? 

Well we might have lost April in a haze May brings our annual tribute to all the Mums! With Mother’s Day May 10 and as restrictions start to ease hopefully everyone will be able to spend the day with their loved ones.

May 8th is Do It For Dolly Day and Mate’s Day, a very strong reminder for us to be kind and to have compassion and understanding for everybody, it isn’t always easy but the cost for not doing so is far too high.

Finally if you want to see that message of compassion being truly embraced check out this awesome FB group if you haven’t already, it’s all about giving back to friends, family and community and never forget I’m here to make sure you have a beautiful, clean home to come back to or stay in when you’re ready to give back to yourself as well.

Take care and chat soon