I love reading the cleaning hacks and tips, I really do, if nothing else they give me a good laugh.  They come up with a whole range of tips and hacks that I know Great Great Great grandmothers 10 times removed never used, basically because the products never existed!

3000 BC, Sumerians used a slurry of ashes and water to remove grease from raw wool and cloth so that it could be dyed. They found that the slippery solutions clean because the alkali reacts with some of the grease on an object and converts it into soap. The soap then dissolves the rest of the dirt and grease. The more grease and oil dissolved by the alkaline solution, the more soap there is and the better the mixture cleans.  Novel, not really now!

However, now of course the whole world has changed and not necessarily for the the good, because of the chemical revolution which began. 

We also have another revolution going on now too though, going back to basics, the last 15 – 20 years Organics, not necessarily going way back to ashes and water, but certainly botanicals, natural oils, essential oils that back in the Ancient Roman times Cleopatra used in her bath because that was all there was!

Ok, so enough of the history lesson, these are my #4 Best Tips, sorry nothing fancy though, just back to basics; 

#1 Water;

I know right, you think I’ve lost my senses, but NO!  We know this because the dirtier a surface is the more water we use right?  Wash, wipe/scrub, rinse and repeat!  Everyday we do this, with our pots and pans, casserole dishes.  Anything that’s extra dirty we soak in warm or hot WATER to soften/lossen the dirt! 

#2 Clean and DRY your surfaces;

This is key to stopping bactaria from growing.  Bactaria loves wet, damp, dark surfaces, so the key is to dry.  It’s scientifically proven when surfaces are dried this inhibits microbial bactiarial growth.  

#3 Use Clean equipment; 

You can’t clean with stinky dirty sponges, cloths etc, it defeats the whole purpose of cleaning in the first place as your just washing the bactaria around all your surfaces.   

#4 Use quality equipment;

You know that I love ENJO, I also know that ENJO isn’t for everyone and that’s ok too!  But here’s the rub really, in your work, play, make-up, skin care regimes, tools for gardens etc we all have our sweet spot for quality.  WHY, because it makes our life easier.  So why use cleaning equipment that is sub-standard, you throw away after one use, breaks as you use a little bit of force.  WHY would you bother wasting your money on products that don’t last or don’t have a longer life span of a couple of uses.  

There you have it, simple really, no fancy products or tricks, just basic, practical and they work. 

Remember when all else fails, C is for Coffee or Cocktails, #lifestooshort