As a ‘commercial’ business, I get asked to quote and complete a lot of jobs that you just need to get the work completed in a timely, efficient, cost effective manner.  My whole ethos is around cleaning Green, and this what 95% of our workload is, thankfully!! 

We also have to be realistic and in this industry there are times whereby ENJO just won’t cut it OR what is more on point, I don’t want to ruin my ENJO on cleaning these properties!  

I source all these locally from Sandy and Danny, Ultimate Cleaning Supplies  They sell direct to the public and all can be purchased in 1litre spray bottles, excellent for those who wish to do their own vacate cleaning and by far superior to anything that you can purchase at Woolworths, Coles or Bunnings! 

All can be watered down to make go further, great if your cleaning something that isn’t too dreadful!  I’m afraid the ‘terrible’ comes out in me here, I’m a “use it neat” kinda gal, not into diluting, just want the job done, quick smart!


Fantastic allpurpose cleaner!  Replaces Sugar Soap!  Extremely effective!  I use for cleaning Walls, inside your cupboards, removes  most of the marks, scuffs etc.  If they don’t come off with this, they’re not coming off!

One word of warning; when using this, when you spray on your surfaces, especially the walls and external cupboard fronts don’t walk away and do something else, it causes runs, and it will leave runs!! I always use a wide bucket of water with heavy dollops of Crackshot and a wall washer/window cleaner, squeezing out the excess water and wash away.  The spray bottle is great for spots that are stubborn.  

Oven/Grill Cleaner

I love this!  I use it on Vacate/Spring cleaning ovens all the time!  It halves if not more the cleaning time of any oven, especially those that are particularly BAD….jack hammer bad, trust me I see them!!

I also have discovered, because it’s great on grease/grime, it’s fantastic on ‘cloudy/calcified’ shower glass!  It’s non abrasive and cuts through most of the calcification…makes life very easy!

Downsides of this product: 

  • it is caustic, burns your hands/arms/legs when comes in contact with the skin
  • when the product hits the fat, it causes a reaction, so the dirtier, greaser something is, the stronger the fumes….

It’s very effective though and gets the job done!!  

Choral Bleach 

This is a very effective bathroom solution!  It’s thick consistancy means when you spray your shower walls, it sticks to it, allowing the product to work very efficiently and effectively on buildup of Mould, Soap scum and Calicification!  

Just be aware that it has a very high ‘sud’ factor, so when you use ‘too’ much, when cleaning and rinsing away, you could end up with a bubble bath in all your different drains….in the middle of the bathroom floor, vanity, shower and bath!  Just adds to the cleaning production!   

Ultimate Mould and Mildew 

This product is amazing!  I do carry this with me daily too!  I only use when necessary, as this is Sandy and Danny’s special remedy, that kills the mould spores on the surface, reducing the amount of times that you need to use when used as a maintenance cleaner.

That’s it, my 4 top products.  For more tips and tricks, pop on over to my FaceBook page OR even better if you can’t be bothered with all this, we can do it for you because #lifestooshorttobecleaning