une 15st – 21st was Men’s Health Week.  I know, we’re now past it, but the reality is that your health isn’t important for just that week, it’s an opportunity to recognise the importance of taking care of the many aspects involved in living a healthy and happy life and also to celebrate the great men in our life past and present, famous celebrities and family and friends.

Men’s Health and the Importance of a Big Picture Approach

A big part of men’s health week was and is taking a look at the underlying issues that lead to inequality in health quality both mental and physical between the sexes.   The statistics aren’t great guys, you really need to focus on upping your game, I believe. 

There are lots of factors involved in overall health so I wanted to think of some solutions to help men take charge of the different elements.

What are Some Health Solutions?

  • Having an outlet where men can speak freely and openly about what issues and stresses they are facing in their day today.  There’s no excuse any more, there’s so many organisations ready to help as this is normal, Beyond Blue, just to name one 
  • Making exercise a regular part of your life
  • Maintaining a balanced diet
  • Enjoying alcohol within moderation
  • Taking some time for yourself to pursue hobbies, spend time with friends and recharge your batteries
  • Being able to take a step back once in a while to see where are things are working for you and where they aren’t and adjust accordingly
  • Outsourcing;  Yes of course, Cleaning services, Lawn mowing, Pool services…just like your female partners/wives/girlfriends/mothers/Aunts/Grandmothers you can’t do it all and why would you want too. 

Let’s Celebrate

Some Australian born celebrity men worth celebrating alongside our great men in our lives are;

Errol Flynn, the Aussie born actor who shone in the Golden Age of Hollywood including a role as Robin Hood.  I’m sure he had a housekeeper or two through the years.  I also was totally unaware that he was an Aussie, did you know? 

Australia’s own Robin Hood the infamous Ned Kelly was one of Australia’s last bushranger’s and became an Australian icon following his story and famous last words, “Such is Life”.  We can be sure that cleaning wasn’t high on his list of priorities.

Robert (Bob) Irwin, founder of the now infamous Australia Zoo and father to Steve Irwin.   Not sure, what do you think does Bob look like a person who’d outsource?  He certainly does with regards to help running his Wildlife centre, Camp Chilli.  

Blokes, What’s Better Value in The Long Run?

EFOY and as we all do I was stocking up on cleaning supplies, not much in the way of chemicals, no need, Vacuum bags and fresh ENJO supplies, were my top purchases.  The question came up in my mind, is it ever really better to go down the cheap and cheerful route? Or does quality always reign supreme in the long run.   It’s a rhetorical question for me and a no  brainer, I buy quality every time.  Nothing worse than being on the job and the thing you need to do the job breaks.  

I know that for most men when it comes to their bike, car, boat, road bike or even the lawnmower, the latest bit of TV/Computer/Camera/Digital wizardry you are going topshelf every time, but suddenly when it comes time to do the bathroom clean, she’ll be right mate and anything will do? Ha don’t worry though, I guess that’s why you leave the indoor stuff to us? 

How Can You Clean Up Next Financial Year?

With all that in mind, as your planning your new financial year, what are your goals for the new financial year?

Will taking much needed time to recharge your batteries factor into your budget for 20/21?

Will you free up your weekends by adding a regular house clean? #belikemyclients and have a life that you want? 

As always I wish you all the wellness in the world and look forward to touching base again in July!!