A Cleaners Guide to Cleaning Your Kitchen.

Firstly, if you want to keep your kitchen clean then maintain it daily with these quick tips. 


  1. Tidy up: we’ve all heard the saying ‘a place for everything and everything in its place,’ but you’ll save so much time if you tidy as you go and put things away!
  2. Do the dishes: even with all the conveniences of a dishwasher, dishes still pile up. It’s better to load everything up as you go, or wash items as they become dirty! You’ll never face the dread of 3-day old dishes again!


Start with washing out the sink and of COURSE, I recommend ENJO. My preferences is an ENJO Mini or a kitchen sponge but a CLEAN scourer, chux or sponge works too. 

  1. Turn on your tap and start washing and rinsing out your sink. 
  2. Lift and swivel your tap to ensure that you clean and wash all the grime away. 
  3. Done, leave sink to drain…
  1. Wash your Range hood and splash backs, removing all the grease, rinse your cloth. 
    1. Wash the stove top, if gas removing racks etc cleaning underneath, just leave it wet…..
  2. Clean out your microwave. If there are some stubborn stains, put a cup of water in there to make a steam bath, does make it easier! 
    1. Wash the microwave plate in the sink then leave to drain
  3. Rinse your cloths and wash your bench tops, in the front of your appliances only, trust me on this…
  4. Rinse cloth, quick wipe over your appliances and don’t forget to empty toast crumbs!!
  5. Check cupboard fronts, dishwasher, fridge and oven doors…….if they’re dirty give them a quick wash


Using any of these CLEAN options; tea towel, microfibre cloth or rag, start with your glass and stainless-steel appliances first as they smear and often don’t dry properly when your cloths are too wet then move on to the list below. I’d personally recommend, you guessed it, ENJO Kitchen Fibres; they leave no lint and no smears! 

  1. Range hoods, splashbacks, stovetops, oven/dishwasher/fridge doors.  
  2. Dry microwave plate, wipe out the clean microwave, replace the plate, shut door and dry.
  3. Start drying the tap, still lifting and swivelling. Drying underneath this also removes the last lot of crumbs in sink, then dry the sink.
  4. Benches; now pulling appliances out cleaning behind with your now damp cloth, any tiles behind the bench; quickly wipe over all appliances the replace and move around your benches.  
  5. Wipe down above cupboard doors, then move underneath bench cupboards and drawers, pulling out drawers to wipe across, making sure you wipe down to the bottom of your cupboards collecting any water running down the kickboards.

DONE: This generally takes me 10-20 minutes. I know it all sounds a little foreign but trust me, doing A WEEKLY maintenance clean will free up so much of your time, with no more hours spent cleaning the kitchen!

Let me guess, your eyes glazed over? This is actually how I teach my staff, and they all start out with that look…..until they get it!  Once you get a rhythm, it’s quick and efficient! 

The emphasis is always on a Clean and Dry kitchen.  Washing and drying your surfaces with dirty, stinky sponges and cloths defeats the whole purpose AND actually spreads more germs. 

Our kitchens are the grubbiest and most bacterial ridden place in our homes and I COULD’VE written a blog about how dirty they really are – but instead, I’ve shown you how to keep it clean.That’s me, always looking out for you……AND if you want to you can always contact Anne https://www.facebook.com/enjo.com.au/  to learn how ENJO could help you too!