A Cleaners Guide to Cleaning Your Bathroom.

Firstly, if you want to keep your bathroom clean then maintain it daily with these two quick tips.     

  1. Tidy up: I know it’s a bit like rinse and repeat…..we’ve all heard the saying ‘a place for everything and everything in its place,’ but you’ll save so much time if you tidy as you go and put things away, especially
  2. If you’re like me, my vanity is small, so using the drawers, cupboard and handy space saving items from Howards Storage World OR the like just keep things tidy, away, and stops you getting your things covered in bathroom products.


Start with washing out the your vanity and of COURSE, I recommend ENJO. My preference is an ENJO Mini or bathroom sponge but a CLEAN white scourer, chux or sponge works too.  

  1. Turn on your tap and start washing and rinsing out your vanity. 
  2. Lift and swivel your tap to ensure that you clean and wash all the grime away. 
  3. Done, leave  to drain…
  4. If you have one, give your bath a quick rinse out too, especially if you use it!  If it’s just a dust collector, I vacuum it and just give a quick dust over with damp cloth to make it shine.
  5. Wash your shower, paying particular attention to your glass, if you have to use a creme cleasner to help lift your soap scum, run your shower to rinse away, leave to drip dry


Again, using any of these CLEAN options; microfibre cloth or rag, start with your glass mirror above the vanityt below.

  1. Dry vanity, wipe under of your items on vanity so they don’t leave marks OR grow mould
  2. Wipe down above cupboard doors, drawers, pulling out drawers to wipe across, making sure you wipe down to the bottom of your cupboards collecting any water running down the kickboards.
  3. If you have a large shower, blading the glass and tiles is particularly quick, drying off any runs.
  4. Using your damp cloth you can wipe over your bath

DONE: This generally takes me 10-20 minutes.  If you do it weekly it really does shorten the time spent. 

Let me guess, your eyes glazed over? Once you get a rhythm, it’s quick and efficient!  The easiest thing to remember, work top to bottom!  

The emphasis is always on a Clean and Dry bathroom.  Particularly important for here in the humidity, damp wet bathrooms….just watch that mould grow!AND…. remember C is for Coffee and Cocktails….as Life’s Too Short….