I can always gauge when clients have family arriving by the sudden request for those spring-cleaning extras such as ovens, fans, windows and patios.  And, never is this more common than in the lead up to Christmas! Unfortunately, with the holidays now only days away we are already fully committed, but to help ease your stress I’ve listed my Christmas sprucing tips to help you get your house in order before the onslaught of relos. 

1.  Prioritise

Concentrate on the main areas that your family/guests will see and where they’ll be sleeping.  In other words, the master bedroom, ensuite and office can wait!  If you’ve got time when everything else is done, then by all means give them a spring clean too.

2.  Divide and Conquer

Pick one or two rooms a day and have a plan of attack:

  • Arm yourself with cleaning cloths.
  • Use baskets/containers to store excess “stuff” that doesn’t fit in drawers.
  • Take a rubbish bin to each room that you’re going to clean.
  • Have a basket/container for anything that doesn’t belong in the room you’re in.

3.  Be methodical

If you do things back to front, chances are you’ll end up doing them twice.  Apply some method to your madness by carrying out tasks in the correct order:

  • Start at the top. Sweep around with your cobweb broom/feather duster, bring all the dust and webs to the floor and sweep away.  
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe the window sills and skirtings, then finish with a proper vac and mop.

4. Liven up the lounge

Since your Christmas tree is the focal point it makes sense to concentrate on this area:

  • Place and decorate the tree.
  • As a bit of furniture re-arranging is usually required to make room for your new centrepiece, chances are those previously hidden dust bunnies will reappear. You could always add them as snow to the tree

5.  Kit-out the kitchen

Given it’s the heart of your home and preparation point for all things “Christmas”, this area needs some extra TLC:

  • Clean the oven. Yes, ham and turkey will make it messy again, but you really don’t want them smelling of 2018 cooking spills.
  • If you prefer to clean green, see my recent video, or if you’re after the not so “friendly” approach, Ultimate Cleaning Supplies (link) have a sensational oven cleaner that’s incredibly efficient and quick.  Do not waste your money with the supermarket varieties, they are slow and inefficient.
  • De-clutter.  There’s really no need for old school newsletters, electricity bills, misplaced paperclips, empty tissue boxes, or broken bits of this and that to be here anymore!
  • Don’t forget to tidy or clean your kitchen shelf and those often-forgotten cupboard fronts.
  • No one is looking on top of your kitchen cupboards OR Fridge, so leave that for another time!

6.  Beautify the bathroom

Start with the main, as most visitors won’t see your ensuite.  Since guests will come equipped with their own bathroom necessities, you will need to clear a little bit of room for them:

  • De-clutter. How many empty shampoo/conditioner bottles, face wash/scrubs, scrunched up facecloths and slithers of used soap do you need lying around?
  • Buy some containers for your teenage daughter’s makeup, perfume, hairclips and ties, and store them under the sink, or preferably in her bedroom.
  • Make room for a bathroom bin. Yes, there’s always someone that can’t manage that walk to the kitchen, so the loo roll ends up on floor or on top of the loo roll holders.  No to mention earbuds left on the vanity, along with the makeup pads, floss and tooth picks – you get the drift (yuk!).

7.  Brighten up the bedrooms

Assuming you have a guest room that hasn’t become the year’s dumping ground, this is ideal for adult visitors and the minimal once-over should do:

  • Clean wardrobe mirror.
  • Dust the bedside tables, windowsills and fans.
  • Do a quick vac/mop – and you’re done!
  • As an extra thought, clear a little bit of room in the wardrobe in case they want to hang their good clothes.

Chances are the kids’ rooms will either be accommodating extra children or will be vacated to make room for other adult family members.  With this in mind, it’s time to act quickly and decisively:

  • De-clutter toys, clothes, books etc.  As you’re tidying and sorting here, have the children help and be ruthless (and encourage them to be too).  As a general rule, if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months – you don’t need it! Tis the time of year for giving, so why not donate to a local charity that’s looking for good quality toys and clothes for families in need.

Your home is now ready for you to enjoy with your family and friends. If you’d really prefer not to have to think about this madness each year, take a leaf out of my clients’ books. Outsourcing is an investment in yourself and your family, leaving you more time to spend on the more important things in life.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and joyous New Year.To find out more about the services we offer at Julie’s Home Cleaning Services, and make 2019 more about doing the things you love, contact us today