If your 2020 resolution has slipped through your fingers already a last minute FebFast registration might be just the ticket. 

The FebFast fundraiser offers a month-long abstinence of sugar, alcohol or a selection of your own choosing! There’s plenty of great information on their website and it’s fast and easy to get started. https://febfast.org.au/ 

What’s better than feeling supercharged and healthier than ever is raising funds to support our disadvantaged Youth across the country providing much-needed support services and outreach programs. There is plenty of information on the website covering the organisations involved and exactly what funds raised will contribute to.  

Giving up alcohol or sugar for one month is one thing but FebFasts ‘open selection’ for a third choice really got me thinking, what are some unconventional fasting options that could have just as much of an impact on your life. Whilst saying goodbye to wine, beers, choccies or godvfib Cocktails, sounds challenging the intention is really about making you feel better in the long run. 

If like me you’ve never heard of this, find that you’re a bit late for doing Febfast this year, with that in mind I’ve come up with 4 alternatives you could say goodbye to for February 2021.  Remembering planning is key to a great #bestdecadeever. 

  1.  Negative Thinking

Ok I know what you’re thinking, stick to the cleaning tips Julie, I don’t need a self-help guru as well! But what if for one month we made a concerted effort to keep our mind looking on the bright side of life. I’m not talking complete ignorance or expecting everything to be completely perfect but simply suggesting a month-long endeavor to dig out the silver lining and say goodbye to unhelpful negativity. “Oh I’m so stupid I left the butter out again” or “Perfect the butter is so spreadable this morning” might give me the sh@%t’s but that’s ok, I need to lose weight anyway! Ok so maybe your version might look a little different but I’m interested to see what a month long abstinence of negativity could do for you.  Let us know in the comments what you’re planning.

  1.  Shopping

What would a month of no shopping look like? Could you manage it? I know for some of us, ‘retail therapy’ is key to our existence, BUT we’ve just had Christmas and Boxing Day sales, so really Febfasting on ‘retail therapy’ should be a breeze.  Who knows, ordering online and getting your groceries delivered and sticking to the bare minimum for a month could actually start a New Year long trend of savings.

Is shopping a guilty pleasure for you or more a chore? Taking a month out of something not only allows us to gain a new appreciation for the role it plays in our life, but it can also have the added bonus of showing us another way.

  1.  Cleaning

You didn’t think you’d get away with reading one of my blogs without some mention of cleaning did you? Who says FebFast has to be a punishment. Could you handle a whole month and more with no cleaning? If so I know a pretty good team that may be able to be of service. Much like the no shopping for a month I have a sneaky feeling that a FebFast from cleaning could show you a bright new future. A utopia where you have more time to focus on the things you love and less time spent scrubbing and worrying about a messy home leading to a messy mind.

Remember too, if you’re Febfasting on shopping, the savings could be invested here instead. 

  1. Weekend Activities that don’t Cost you a thing but time

Last but not least this one is supposed to be a bit of fun and get you thinking. What if for the next month, you make a commitment to keep all family activities cost-free or to the bare minimum. I’m talking about swimming holes, beach days, mountain climbing and free music events. 

February is about starting and enacting new habits, saying no to resolutions, no more Groundhog ways, making this new Decade a boomer!

What awesome ideas can you come up with? One month of creativity could turn into a year of great experiences and extra cash to boot!

I really hope this gets you thinking and turns into something more than just one month. I’d love to hear if you implement any of these ideas or have some of your own, even if you do it just for fun and not as a part of FebFast. 

Talk soon,