JHSC Policies & Procedures 

Firstly, we are all now well aware of COVID 19, and it’s impact not only in Australia, but the whole world as we knew it, and none of us wish to contract this flu.  It’s always been our policy, over the past 11yrs not to service anyone’s home when we’re sick, and we don’t wish to service your home when you’re sick.

My mission and vision for my business, more so than ever before, is the health and well-being of my staff, current valued clients and those to come in the future, be it tomorrow, next week/month/years.

JHSC COVID 19 – Policies & Procedures 2020 

  • Mobile Text notification prior to and completion of service; We will contact you when we’re on our way to your home, so there’s no surprises and we can all plan accordingly and text when your home is ready for you again.
  • My team now all travel to all client’s homes separately in our own cars.
  • We wash and dry our hands upon arrival, prior to starting to clean your homes.
  • All team members wear rubber gloves.  We have new clean sets for every home, this will ensure no transference of bugs/germs between client’s homes or my team.
  • As has always been JHSC Practice for the past 11 years, all Clients have their own clean set of cloths specifically for your home only, including your floors.
  • ENJO fibres;
    • are washed at maximum allowed temperature, without compromising the effect of cleaning, 60 degrees and line dried.
    • Red Micro-fibre Cloths; We have completely separate cloths for your toilets, these are red only.  These are washed, at 95degrees, using commercial grade washing powder and dried in the dryer.  No germs survive this degree of sanitisation.
    • Extreme care is taken by staff and as part of rigorous training, that all dirty cloths are not placed in our clean bucket of supplies taken into your homes.
    • Buckets used for carrying clean supplies, are cleaned and sanitized at the end of every working day, so we’re starting afresh and not transferring any possible germs.

Working and schooling from home 

First and foremost, ensuring the safety of my staff, other clients and yourselves so we’re all adhering to Government restrictions and guidelines of social distancing is our number one priority.  Please be mindful, that while we’re servicing your kitchen, bathroom and other smaller areas of your home, this is not the time to be making a cup of tea/coffee or getting that thing you forgot from the bathroom/bedroom/lounge/dining area. 

My strong recommendation/preference is that you take this time, while we’re servicing your homes, to take a break!  Go and do your grocery shopping, go for a walk, the beach, the river, the park OR retire to your patio/garden area, so we can as a team, quickly and efficiently service your home.   This limits the time we’re in your homes, so you can then return to your now ‘new normal’ routines.  

  • Home Offices: shut your door and we can clean the rest of your home with minimal interruption to yourselves.   We can of course still clean this room, we’ll to it last, so then you have the rest of your home to escape to.
  • Dining/Lounge office space: we require full clear access to this area.  Time for a break.
  • Clients Normally Home:  keeping with our usual current practices.  For new clients, as per above.  Go out or retire to your patio area.

Please be assured, that we are doing the best that we can, to ensure that your home is cleaned to the highest of standards, that we’re using the best products available.  I do need to point out, we’re not disinfecting your homes, we are cleaning them.  ENJO, is proven to remove more germs than any disinfectants or sanitisers.  I’ve attached a link to their latest blog below incase you’re interested.   


Thank you for your time, take care, be mindful, sleep well and keep calm. 

Looking forward to being of continued service to my current Clients, if you’re not yet a client, hopefully this will reassure you that hygiene and safety is top of our mind.  Alleviating stress in your life is what we’re about, so you can have a life.