The obvious benefit of hiring a professional cleaning service, is a lovely clean living environment, but what if there were unseen benefits tucked into your investment, like increased productivity, a harmonious home life and reduced stress levels as well?

The science is in, your environment affects your mind far more than we give it credit for and when you have a family, full-time work and a desire to still have a life sometimes keeping everything squeaky clean can get the better of us.

After many years in the cleaning industry I have personally seen the positive Impact something simple like investing in yourself, can have on the health and well-being of our families. With dual full-time work now the norm and the professional workload often creeping in after knock-off finding time for what’s important can almost seem impossible. So the question remains can hiring a cleaner really impact your life dramatically or have I accidentally switched my vacuum cleaner onto reverse and am just blowing dusty air?

More Time With Your Family

Just because an expert clean team may only spend a few hours in your home each week it, doesn’t mean you’re only saving a few hours of your time. When it’s your own home and you have a list, 20 items long, with only Saturday and Sunday to do it,  getting around to cleaning the house can really get drawn out. Often this results in little bits of cleaning here and there with a giant weekend-long clean becoming a necessity almost monthly. From my experience, when it gets to this stage, we’re also now in putting it off, as it’s much too big a task, so the months grow.  

All of our clients that partake in regular weekly/fortnightly services.  They then find that keeping the home tidy in the interim becomes an absolute walk in the park and the dread of spending your weekend cleaning disappears quicker than the scum build up in your shower. Quite often the freed up time to spend time with loved ones has the obvious effect of leading to a happier, less stressed out household which some would say is priceless!!

The Psychological Benefits of a Clean Living Space

It isn’t just anecdotal that having a clean home has both physical and psychological health benefits. A 2010 study published in the scientific Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin talked about how participants’ in the study described their living space as cluttered or had unfinished cleaning projects.  These participants displayed more depressive and fatigue symptoms. On the other end of the spectrum, those with cleaner living environments and tidy homes, described themselves as feeling well-rested and generally in high spirits. Cleaner habits were even said to lead to better sleep. 

Studies aside I have seen and heard multiple anecdotal evidence from my own clients of improved quality of life and cleaner tendencies sneaking into all aspects of their lives. 

Decluttering and cleanliness of our material surrounds undeniably has an effect on that of our minds. An uncluttered home allows for an uncluttered mind which gives you the clarity needed to truly thrive where it’s important.

Expand Your Passions

With freed up time and freed up mental space, your weekly or fortnightly cleaning investment, might be starting to look like nothing like money well invested. As you start to become accustomed to having your home maintained weekly/fortnightly and developing simple clean as you go habits to keep everything constantly under control, you might find you have more time to spend on new or old passions that were previously getting swept under the rug.

Maybe you can finally get the golf clubs back out or reunite the girls so some Espresso martinis at a local jazz night. Maybe you can finally get around to launching your side business or simply getting out for some weekend trips with the family.

However, you choose to spend your new-found extra time and clarity I can almost guarantee that you won’t look back.


It is often funny in life looking back how a seemingly insignificant change can have a dramatic effect on how we live from day to day.  I’ve personally gotten to see the joy on the faces of all our regular clients who have been able to reclaim a little time and sanity in their lives that are already hectic enough.  Whether you decide to utilise our services, another top quality cleaner or create efficient habits to DIY, I think you’ll discover the extending benefits are well worth it.