We’re all familiar with the weekly grind. We work hard all week, only to find our weekends packed with chores. Food shopping. Bill paying. Car servicing. And, of course, the biggest bane of all: house cleaning. It’s no small job. A thorough clean can devour hours of your precious free time. When you should be playing with your kids in the park or visiting relatives in a neighbouring city, you’re stuck at home scrubbing your toilet with a toothbrush.

When will it ever end!

Indeed, house cleaning is one of those jobs that’s never done. That’s never truer than in households with kids, pets, or the dreaded scourge of a stinky teenager. (It can take a hazmat suit to tidy up their bedrooms!)

But there’s a simple remedy: weekly or fortnightly regular cleans. That’s where we come in. So, if you need home cleaning services in Cairns, please get in touch.

If you’re not quite convinced yet, that’s not the only benefit to a premium house cleaning service.

We’ve put together a list of the top reasons you need to hire a premium cleaning service.

  1. Clean and spotless home

Picture always having a clean, tidy home. Or at least living safe in the knowledge that no matter how bad it gets, there’ll be a fortnightly regular clean coming to tidy up the mess.

No longer do you need to squeeze out every last drop of the day. No more squeezing cleaning into the final hours of a Monday night.

Instead, put your feet up and relax.

Handing your house cleaning responsibilities to professionals is like having the weight of the world plucked from your shoulders. You’ll be amazed just how much free time you’ll gain.

So, after a long day at work or a weekend running after the kids, you can kick back and chill. Watch your favourite program. Chat with your partner. Or finally, dive into that book you bought months ago.

  • Better results

We know how it is. When you’re rushing to clean your home, you don’t get the best results. A quick wipe here, a hurried mopping there. It’s less than ideal house cleaning.

But, with weekly or fortnightly regular cleans from industry professionals – you get results.

They (or rather we) have the time to focus on the details. Every nook and cranny are scrubbed and polished. Plus, with years of experience, professional cleaners know every trick in the book.

Got a difficult stain? They know the solution to remove it. Struggling to remove an odour? Don’t worry; they’ve got the perfect fix.

Nor will professional cleaners rush the job… because it is their job. We’re paid to leave a property in a sparkling and splendid condition – and that’s what we do. Every. Single. Time.

  • Cleaning completed on time

It’s not laziness to just not want to clean your home sometimes. To want to forget about it all after a long week. That’s exhaustion.

I mean, who wants to scrub a toilet or a sink when life is already busy enough. In the end, chores get pushed back; cleaning gets neglected. You always get round to it eventually, but in the meantime, it looms over your head.

However, when you hire professionals, you know the cleaning will be finished like clockwork.

  • Decide what needs cleaning when

Even when you hand over house cleaning responsibilities, you’re still in control. You can decide what needs cleaning and when.

Indeed, you can customise your cleaning package to suit your needs. So, if you’re happy to suffice with a light cleaning, that’s all you need to buy. Whereas, just let them know if a deep clean is required to remove all the build-up of grime and dirt.

You can also say where the professional cleaners should focus on. With weekly or fortnightly regular cleans, nothing should ever become too dirty.

  • Right tools for the job

Professional house cleaning requires professional tools. Cleaning specialists know which products to use for which jobs.

We use ENJO, focusing on always cleaning green for that superior clean without leaving a chemical sheen. 

We don’t get stains out of carpets – I use a carpet contractor – Premium Carpet Cleaning.

It’s always best to use not just the best quality products but to always ensure the products are green and safe. Cleaning professionals know which products to avoid, and are up to date with best practices and industry standards.

Such knowledge and expertise take years of experience, so don’t hire any old home cleaning service in Cairns. Find a professional cleaner that will tailor your housekeeping to your individual needs.

  • More free time

We’ve mentioned this before. But it needs to be said again: you get time to do the things you love.

Life, as was once aptly said, is for living. When you work hard already, you don’t want extra chores at home. You want to enjoy your free time.

Cleaning a home can take hours, even a day, to complete. Particularly when all the chores build up in a backlog. It needn’t be this way.

With professional cleaners doing weekly or fortnightly regular cleans, you can now make time for your family, for your kids, and, most importantly, for yourself.

What will you do with your extra time? Kick back and relax? Visit family and friends? Or take up that hobby you’ve wanted to do for years – but just could never find the time.

The bottom line

Professional cleaners do an amazing job. They’ll clean the areas you avoid and grind away at any accumulated dirt and grime. After a few hours in their care, you’ll hardly recognise your spotless home.

But there’s that added benefit, too: peace of mind.

As our motto goes, “Love the home you live in and have time to live your best life.”

So, if you’re looking for regular home cleaning services in Cairns, look no further. Cairns Boutique Cleaning is ready to help! 

Contact us today!  Life’s too short to be cleaning!