Following on from my recent article: “3 Cleaning Hacks that I know work” , I thought it might also be a good idea to shed some light on a number of “Cleaning Hacks that DON’T work”.  Unfortunately, these commonly-believed myths are so numerous (and so deeply ingrained in our culture) that it was difficult to narrow it down to just six – but here they are… 

1. Toothpaste to clean your silver

As this is something I’ve learnt from personally (the hard way), I thought it might be a good place to start. After inheriting my mother’s silver and carrying out an experiment of my own, my advice is DON’T…epic fail!

2. Coke as a toilet cleaner

There’s been a lot of information (particularly over social media) about the benefits of Coca Cola as a house hold cleaner – particularly when it comes to removing stubborn water stains from the toilet bowl. After putting this to the test however, it appears that despite its strong acidic makeup, all Coke is really good for is turning your bathroom into a sticky, bacteria-producing mess and drinking of course just not out of there! 

3. Newspaper as a window cleaner

This really is an old Wives Tale and belongs in a bygone era…newspaper, teamed with a bottle of Windex, modern version, back in the day it would’ve been water as Windex didn’t exist, as an effective window cleaner.  What no one thinks to mention is that that ink contained in the newspaper leaves a messy residue, not only on the glass but also on your hands!  A window cleaner and blade (either from ENJO or from a commercial company that sells cleaning equipment) is the best place to start. Avoid your supermarket varieties as they are ineffective and therefore a waste of money.  Combine this with warm soapy water in a window cleaning bucket, or a spray bottle of water, and a lint free cloth to wipe up your runs…DONE.  If all else fails and this isn’t for you, I highly recommend Leigh Kennedy, Cairns Window Cleaning, well worth the investment! 

4. Salt as a red wine remover

While salt is certainly an absorbent substance, it doesn’t have the power to soak away wine that has already been absorbed by you newly laid white carpet. In fact, when combined with salt, the tannin contained in red wine can cause the stain to set quicker. So, what can you do? Unfortunately, not a lot. Start by gently absorbing what you can with a clean cloth, pour on some alcohol like Vodka (the high alcohol content can help remove the stain), avoid scrubbing, and contact a professional carpet cleaner.  I highly recommend Greg Carney, Premium Carpet Cleaning 

5. Microwave to sanitise sponges

We all know kitchen sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria. But if you’ve been advised to microwave (or boil) them in order to sanitise – don’t!  Studies now show that while these methods are effective in killing off some bacteria, more resistant strains remain and actually become stronger. While some suggest using bleach and other methods to “recycle” your sponges, unfortunately the only way to ensure bacteria-free sponges is to change them more regularly.  There’s also a much more efficient, cost effect means of cleaning your kitchen 99.9% bacteria free too!  ENJO is definitely the Queen here, I use it not only in my business but in my home.  No more wasting money on Chux cloths and ineffectual grubby sponges.  The best go to Anne Naylor ENJOpreneur

And, last but not least…

6. Vinegar as a floor cleaner

While vinegar does have its uses as a green, general-purpose cleaner, it is certainly not an “all-purpose” cleaner as many people tend to describe it.  In fact, the acid content in vinegar can cause more harm than good when used on certain surfaces – including (believe it or not) many floors. While effective on some finishes, it can strip hardwood and vinyl waxed floors over time, causing them to lose their sheen a lot faster.  

So, while we’re all for finding natural, cost effective solutions to your cleaning needs, there is one thing we insist on – they must actually work!  If there are any other cleaning myths you’d like us to debunk, please get in touch and let us know. Chances are, you’re not the only one confused.

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