Ok so the crazy metre has been well and truly in the red all year long and it looks like some of our basic privileges are returning.  Here in Queensland, over the weekend we can now travel everywhere in Queensland.  We can finally start to see our loved ones in person, restaurants can have 20 people or multiples of 20 dependent on their areas, making eating out more pleasurable for us as diners and economic for the venues and may even be returning to cinemas soon. National parks and beaches are back and thriving and we certainly seemed to have regained an appreciation for the little things that we took for granted.

As a little bit of fun, to kick off June and in my eyes the unofficial restarting of the year I wanted to do five post-corona resolutions for the rest of the year and I’d love to hear yours as well. I’ve kept these simple and general so they are realistic for everyone to bing into the “new world”. 


  1. Hug More

Have you missed hugging? I’ve missed hugging, especially my besties!  Somehow a zoom call just isn’t the same. Resolution numero uno is to make up for lost hugs. I’m going to be like a cuddly mumma bear throwing them out like they are an oversupply of toilet paper, just with close family and friends, of course, we don’t want to get too carried away! 

  1. Smile at Strangers When You’re Out and About

With minimal stranger interaction and the fear of making contact with people, I think the best remedy is to go hard on the stranger smiles.  I don’t know about you, but when out shopping, I still feel and real ‘fear’ vibe, social distancing, face masks etc certainly heighten one onguardness.  Smiles are the next best thing to brighten someone’s day and reduce some of that virus anxiety many of us are working on getting past. It’s free, it makes everyone feel good and it’s my resolution number 2.

  1. See More of the Areas Nearby

I’m looking forward to being able to get back out on the Reef, with no one being able to be out there for several months now, it will be looking pretty.  The days kept ticking over and most of us have barely left our street. Now that some of the travel restrictions are loosened I think a brilliant idea is to see more of your surroundings. Whether it’s a beautiful waterfall you’ve heard of or never been, a picnic spot with a great view or a secret beach spot, we Australians are spoiled for options with many of the best natural spots in the world. It’s free, it’s exciting and it’s reinvigorating so even if it’s just once a month why not visit somewhere within 100k’s of home you’ve never been to.   

I know many of you are walkers, I have over the years too, for locals of Cairns the Arrows; Red, Yellow and Green, and if this past weekend of end-May is any indication, these are now super busy with likes of myself, super unfit for walking Arrows, to the superfit and keen that run up and down these with ease.  

  1. Maintain Super Cleanliness

One of the positives of this whole thing is we are taking our hygiene incredibly seriously. As the operator of an environmentally friendly cleaning company, it has allowed us to really crack the knuckles and show of our skills and eye for detail. We are here to ensure your home stay squeaky clean and walking into a beautifully clean living space, of kitchen/bathrooms/lounge and dining and outside patios, is bound to spread tranquillity into the rest of your life. Don’t worry I’d help clean your hands with my ENJO if I could but I reckon you have that one, just leave the annoying stuff to us.

  1. Give Blood/Plasma if You Can

In all the mayhem blood donations have dropped dramatically, due to people staying home and fears a place like a donor centre would put you at even more risk. So now that things are more stable if you can, a great way to support the community is to get down and give a little blood. It’s free, gives you great karma and you’ll get some cheese and bikkies for your trouble.

What’s on For June?

There are plenty of great causes coming up in June. It is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. June 3rd is Mabo Day commemorating the 1992 High Court decision to recognise the existence of native title rights and June 5th is World Environment Day and 15 – 21 June Mens Mental Health Week.  Each of these courses are a great reminder that we have the ability to make real changes, no matter how small and that it is our responsibility to spread the positivity that we want to see in our own communities.


So enjoy the world as it opens back up to us, treat it well and don’t hesitate to get in contact when you are ready for that full home spruce up because #lifestooshorttobecleaning and #outsourcingisaninvestmentinyourself.